Boost your Subway Surfers gameplay by using these cheats!

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The core gameplay of this game is very simple. Swipe left or right to move in the desired direction. Swipe up for jumping, and swipe down for rolling/sliding. It’s very simple, yet addictive game and you need to know that before starting to play it, because it may be hard to stop playing for you. I think the main reason it’s so popular is that reason- the simplicity. You just take your character, boost some power ups and start running until you die. But there’s some trick to it. Although it boasts some pretty simple controls, it’s overall difficulty isn’t something that can be compared to the walk in the park. Some reflexes will be needed here as you need to evade moving trains, barricades and even the policeman and his dog that are chasing you throughout the game. Be sure to check the Subway Surfers Cheats now, to better understand the game.


The main point of this game is to collect coins and running long, but beware of obstacles. At the beginning of the run, your character will run slower, giving you more time to react to some obstacles, but the longer the run, the higher the speed you are going. But don’t worry, after some time you’ll get used to it, especially if your reflexes are very fast. My advice here is to focus on collecting coins. Let’s say, you pick up coin multiplier, a very useful power up, in that case, every coin you pick up will be multiplied by 2, 4, 6 or 8. To make it simpler, you may have double, quadruple and higher overall score multiplier. Be sure to use other power ups as well, like hover board for example. It’s great, because it gives you another chance when you hit the obstacle, making it disappear and you continue running on foot. This chance you can get without hover board also, but it only applies if you barely hit the obstacle, which will result in your slowdown, so your chasers will be right behind you. In this case, you want to focus as much as you can not to make a mistake. Another great power up are super sneakers. They allow you to jump much higher and further, but also when you run with them you are already making little jumps, so it’s great for evading higher obstacles like moving trains.

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular endless runners on Google Play counting about 9 000 000 downloads, and the fact that it’s made back in 2012 is really interesting. In that case, feel free to get it from Google Store, and use Subway Surfers Cheats (here) to make the most out of it.


Tanki online, easiest and the best

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Welcome everybod!

This is my first post on this blog and I decided to make it about review of a famous game – tanki online. I played the game many times so I know the game quite well and hence the review should be objective. I appreciate each comment and I will try to reply to everybody. So lets get started!

Tanki online is one of the most played online video games. If you start playing this game online chances are that at any given time of the day there are thousands of other players from all over the world playing the game with you. According to a recent statistic there are 5 million players from all over the world, who play this game regularly, and there is a reason for this game’s unbelievable popularity. First of all it is absolutely free to play with. If you have Windows 7 on your computer and you search the term on Google, chances are that it will take you to the game page and you can start playing the game right now.


Tanki online starts with telling you that now you are here you will have a very exciting career ahead of you. The game does not take too much time to load and even if your internet is not very high speed you will be able to start the game in about five minutes. Go through the instructions about the keys which you need to use to play the game. The best part is that you can play the game in the company’s official website, so no need to worry about getting any virus on your computer while playing it. The commands of the game are very easy to understand and you can very easily play the game using your laptop or PC keyboard. You do not need to even buy a separate device to enjoy this game.

Tanki is free to play online anytime of the day, but the truth is that you cannot enjoy everything about the game if you keep playing as a free player. So for the best experience of the game you need to pay a little money. But first let me explain what you are going to play with in Tanki online game then I will explain to you how you can upgrade and make yourself stronger against thousands of other worldwide players. Right now as I am playing the game I can see that my screen is showing that there are 50000 other members from all over the world playing with me. So you can guess that how tough your competition is here. For me if you are playing a game no matter what the game is, you need to win otherwise there is no need to play the game. What’s the fun is losing, I mean losing is okay but losing without giving a fight is pure embarrassing. So with Tanki online too you need to plan your strategies well to beat all the other online gamers.

In Tanki online you are a tank who is up against its enemies, your job is to fire the guns and make yourself safe from the fires that your opposition tanks are going to fire against you. If you cannot fire back quickly then you are going to die soon and the game is over for you. So to survive you need to fill up your garage so that you are never out of resources, to purchase more resources you must upgrade, and if you don’t do that you will not going to survive long as it is a really tough game.

Today in many online forums gamers complain that this game is now part of some online hacking tools, but what they do not understand is that these hackers make the game much more interesting, and if you are intelligent you will be able to find a good hacking tool and it will help you in winning the game against Tanki online tough competitors.